TWG SWAN Society – Regular

UGX 100,000 for 1 month



  • Firstly, as a member of the Swan Society (A Swan), you will be the first to know about all TWG activities. Whether it’s a new event, workshop, or special gathering, you will receive a priority notification, ensuring that you never miss out on any exciting opportunities.
  • Your membership entitles you entrance to all* monthly gatherings as well as great discounts on all other TWG activities, events, workshops, and special gatherings.
  • Swan Society ladies (A Swan) will be entitled to special rates on TWG trips. Whether it’s a local excursion or an international adventure, you can explore the world while enjoying exclusive discounts and offers reserved solely for our esteemed members.
  • A Swan will get priority seating at all TWG events. No need to worry about finding a good seat – as a member, you will have access to the best spots, guaranteeing an exceptional experience at every event.
  • You have the opportunity to have exclusive networking opportunities with Elite, influential, crème de la crème ladies in our society which will be a great opportunity for both personal and career growth.
  • As a symbol of your membership, you will receive a customized TWG Membership card. This card not only serves as proof of your exclusive status but also grants you access to various member-only perks and privileges.
  • To further commemorate your membership, you will receive exclusive personalized TWG annual souvenirs. These unique keepsakes are specially designed for our Swan Society Ladies, serving as a reminder of the incredible experiences and connections formed within the TWG community